About Us

Premium beans from around the world, roasted in micro sized batches by Gerry of Gerry’s Gelati, on the shores of beautiful Lake Windermere British Columbia- resulting in rich, wonderful, & unique single origin and limited blends of coffees. Did we mention fresh? By roasting in batches as small as two pounds and never more then six, we can custom roast to order, and ensure that our coffee never sits in a warehouse- we roast for you, and we hope to do it often.

Our name and our passion is inspired by the legend of local settlers who took things into their own hands and moved their beloved church with them (they didn’t exactly have permission) when they relocated to the Lake Windermere area. We hope to bring the same level of dedication, commitment, and boldness to the roasting, preparing, and retailing of our coffee.

There is a lot of coffee out there, why should you give our coffee a try? We’ve come up with a few reasons:

  • Ethically sourced beans (although we aren’t certified Organic or Fair Trade producer, we only use organically grown beans where farmers are paid fairly).
  • Micro-Roasting beans means we produce small batches of coffee, ensuring ultimate freshness.
  • Environmentally friendly compostable packaging with hand filled and hand stamped bags, not only is this less harmful then plastics- it also shows our love and pride in our product, and that you are paying more for labour then you are for machines and packaging.
  • We learned roasting coffee from Stephan Diedrich, a pioneer in the roasting and coffee industry.
  • Considering the quality of the beans and the labour involved, we feel our prices are very fair.

For more information about our retail locations, cafe, and sister company Gerry’s Gelati, please visit: