We make over 50 flavours of gelato!! 


All made at our facility in Windermere, we have our classics Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, Pistachio, Salted Caramel and Raspberry Cheesecake. We love creating new gelati regularly. Check out our Easter Egg hunt, coming this Spring!!







Difference between gelato and icecream.


Gelato is Italian for icecream and in a way gelato is old fashioned icecream. It’s whipped less which means there is less air which also means for the same amount of volume there is more weight than icecream. Gelato also has less milk fat than icecream with ice cream being over 30% milkfat and gelato is less than 6%. So even though it weighs more there is less fat.


What is unique about Gerry’s Gelati frozen desserts?


We make it!

A locally produced product made in Windermere

Produced in small batches to ensure quality and freshness

Made from scratch using as many natural and unaltered ingredients as possible


A premium product!

Our ice cream is made with milk resulting in a product with low milk fat (only 4.4%), and our sorbets are made with no milk resulting in a totally fat free product!

Both our gelati and sorbets are produced in a machine designed NOT to whip excess air into the product- this results in a rich, thick, dense product which is in contrast to the North American norm of fluffy, airy, and bland.

Many of our flavours are imported from Italy resulting in unique, exotic, and high quality product- almost all of our other gelati and sorbets are produced using real fruit (which of course it what creates the strong natural taste)