Our Roasts

Ethiopian Wild Kaffa


Single Origin. Roasted to a medium, has a smooth taste.

A little fruity and floral with notes of cocoa, melon, blackberry





Single Origin. Roasted dark. Full bodied with deeper earthy notes

Notes of chocolate nib, slight tobacco with a sweetness of honey and apricot



Paradise Espresso Blend


Blend of Sumatra Ethiopia and Brazil. Roasted medium

Makes the perfect espresso, great crema and sweet not bitter or sour



Costa Rica


Single Origin. Roasted Light

A little higher acidity. Tropical fruits, citrus and apricot



Single Origin. Roasted Light/Medium

Mellow bodied, floral and a clean finish notes of milk chocolate, molasses and apple



Single Origin. Roasted Dark.

Full bodied with powerful note of caramel and hint of cocoa and concord grape