We roast fresh to order and constantly monitor and control our product by cupping and using other brew methods to taste our product regular. Our priority is about quality and consistency so every time you have Stolen Church you know what you are getting. Our coffee comes in paper bags and is roasted to order... that day!! We roast 7 days a week!! Stolen Church coffee comes in a paper bag and is not vacuumed sealed so we make sure you get the freshest beans delivered to your door.


We like to take the specific type of bean and bring out it’s beauty by roasting it with just the right amount of air and temperature. We showcase both single origin and blends depending on which variety of bean we use. Single origin has just one type variety of bean rather than blends that we use up to three types or origins.


We strive to have a great variety from around the world and to showcase different notes that each bean has which is why we focus mainly on single origin but also have some blends as well.


Just the beans! We put only beans in our kraft paper bags, no nitrogen!! So it’s fresh because it was just roasted not because of putting nitrogen in the bag.